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ADHD - A True Teen Story About Ritalin, Adderall, and Teen Dependency

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ADHD - A True Teen Story About Ritalin, Adderall, and Teen Dependency
If you have a few minutes I would enjoy telling you a true story that could be an eye opener for parents who are trying to make a determination as to whether or not to place their child on prescription medications such as Ritalin, Adderall, or Dexedrine.

Recently I made a visit to my favorite fast food restaurant. Upon arriving I noticed a new employee, a young lady of high school age. As I was finishing up she came over to see if I needed anything, while confiding in me that she was bored to tears. She couldn't stand the fact that the manager couldn't find her any other tasks, then the bombshell; "You know I Have ADHD".

I was stunned, a young person proud to be one of the millions of teens diagnosed with ADHD annually! The next step was to fill me in on her ADHD story and how that correlated with taking a job at this fast food restaurant.

It turns out that both she and her boyfriend are on ADHD medications. He is on Ritalin and she is on Adderall; the two most widely prescribed short/intermediate term ADHD stimulants. I asked her why they are taking different medications. Without missing a beat she said that Ritalin made her very depressed and was forced to switch to Adderall, which so far didn't make her feel that way.

She also added that most of the teenagers at her high school are on some type of ADHD prescription meds, and it is the cool thing to do. I was stunned and surprised to hear this.

It turns out that her parents were determined to get her to discontinue her prescription medications after her Ritalin experience, calling them nothing more than legalized cocaine. Her mother relented but insisted that she get a job to help shoulder the cost; approximately $130 per month.

So, rather than give up these prescription medications, as her parents desired, she sought out a fast food restaurant job. The lure of these ADHD prescription meds must be tremendous.

In talking with her I could clearly see the main clinical symptoms of ADHD.

* Hyperactivity

* Lack of concentration

* Inability to focus on singular tasks

* Difficulty finishing tasks

I must say that this whole story was disturbing to me only many levels. Perhaps the most disturbing was the number of high school age teens on ADHD meds and how in style these potentially dangerous medication are. Many parents and teens alike are not aware that there is a safe and effective option, alternative natural remedies for ADHD.

Prescription drugs may alleviate the symptoms of the problem but they are only putting a band-aid on a bigger issue and with potentially serious consequences. The homeopathic option for ADHD works safely and effectively to treat ADHD symptoms like hyperactivity, erratic behavior, and lack of concentration without putting your child's health at risk.

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