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Better Insurance

Imagine if the top 5 insurance companies which is not as daft as is sounds because most companies you know are underwrited by a very small number of huge mega corporations. Lets say they were each allowed to produce a set amount of policies at the same price. Lets say,  20% of the total number of cars on the road.

Then each insurance company would have to fill all of thier policies whilst at the same time attempt to fill as much of thier quota of policies with the best drivers. The business of insurance would become more of a competition between the companies to fill all of thier policies the quickest and with the best drivers.

Drivers could then sort of compete to be the best driver, using little black boxes in cars to constantly monitor your driving. Imagine how much safer the roads would be??

The prices are set by the overall results from the previous year. First place being the company who pays out the quickest and lets be honest there should be no quibbles over blame as it should be obvious, what happened from the monitoring system and dashcams. Better for everyone if insurance claims were dealt with quicker??  

I invite your thoughts on the matter