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Desparate Times

This telegram was sent from Bearpark Colliery to the Colliery office in Middlesborough in 1891. It reads:
What prospects of orders for tomorrow. Present orders will only keep pit working today. Wire soon.
At the time this telegram was sent thier was a dispute over wages and union recognition going on in Ushaw Moor

Pit Closure

 sad, silent death

Miners gathered at the smallest colliery in the Durham coalfield yesterday, knowing they would never work there again. It was a quiet end for the tiny Bearpark pit near Durham City which was officially closed after 110 years. For like the county's other collieries it had been idle since the miners' stike started four weeks ago. The winding gear stood silent with no final shift to bring to surface. But across the road, men who had called to collect pit clothes from thier lockers, stood talking - reluctant to leave.

Better Insurance

Imagine if the top 5 insurance companies which is not as daft as is sounds because most companies you know are underwrited by a very small number of huge mega corporations. Lets say they were each allowed to produce a set amount of policies at the same price. Lets say,  20% of the total number of cars on the road.

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